Does iPhone 11 support eSIM?

How do you check if your iPhone 11 supports eSIM?

First step on how to check your iphone 11 is esim compatible: click setttings icon
Second step to check your iphone 11 is esim compatible: Choose cellular in setting options
last step to check your iphone 11 is esim compatible: if there is "add esim" or "add cellular plan" then your iphone 11 support esim

As you can see from the screenshots above that we checked on our own iPhone 11, iPhone 11 does indeed support eSIM. It means that you can buy eSIM from the provider to connect to the internet on your travel trip without swamping your SIM card.

However, I recommend you follow the above steps to check this yourself on your own phone, as there can be regional variations in iPhone models that don’t support this, such as those based in China, Hong Kong, Mailand, or Lock.

Wondering how to check if your phone is locked or not?. We’ve done it for you.

Is using an eSIM better than relying on sim card or international roaming?

Your phone contains an embedded digital SIM card, known as an eSIM. It performs the same functions as a traditional SIM but allows you to buy and activate an eSIM plan online by scanning a QR or manually entering information from providers.

eSIM is a good way to obtain:

  • Stress-free Arrival: This can happen when you land in a new place, unfamiliar with the language and location of mobile phone stores. Finding a store to buy a physical SIM could potentially waste precious vacation time and add stress to the beginning of your trip. With eSIMs, you can purchase and activate eSIM plans online before you even leave home, or even at some airports, giving you free time to enjoy your trip.
  • Don’t miss important call and message: Got a phone that supports dual SIM? This is where eSIMs really shine! You can keep your home number active for calls and texts on your physical SIM, while using the eSIM for a local data plan. This way, you’re reachable for important calls and messages, but avoid those dreaded data roaming fees.

But eSIMs Aren’t Perfect (Yet!)

  • Not Everywhere, Not Yet: While eSIMs are becoming more popular, they’re not quite a universal travel companion. Research if they’re available in your destination countries and from the carriers you want to use. A little planning goes a long way!
  • Tech Hiccups (Don’t Panic!): Activation is usually smooth sailing, but hey, tech can be tricky sometimes. Be prepared that there might be a minor technical hurdle you need to overcome. Most providers offer support, so don’t sweat it!
  • Battery Drain: Running an extra SIM can drain your phone battery a bit faster. Packing a portable charger for those extended adventures is a smart move to keep your phone juiced up.
  • Cost Comparison: eSIMs can be cheaper than roaming charges, but they are not always a shoe-in compared to local SIM cards. Some argue that buying a SIM card from a local service may be cheaper than eSIM, but it’s up to your situation. If you need something fast and convenient, price is not a priority.

Where to buy eSIM for international trip?

From a local service providers

Local eSIMs are a fantastic way to save money, especially for shorter trips. For example, in Thailand, you can often find eSIMs with a week of data for less than $10 USD. However, package choices might be limited compared to global providers. On the plus side, if you have any questions, local providers usually have excellent customer support in the country’s language.

However, Some local providers require more personal information during registration, which might be a concern if you value data privacy.

Find local service providers that support eSIM in the country you are about to travel

From Worldwide Service Providers

Worldwide Service Providers Global providers offer eSIMs that function across multiple countries, perfect for trips spanning several destinations.

While they may be slightly pricier than local options, global suppliers provide wider coverage, diverse package choices, and streamlined convenience for multi-country travel. You can typically purchase them online before you even leave home through the provider’s website or mobile app

If you prefer to buy eSIM from international providers, then check the variety plan from Gohub, which supports over 190 countries around the world.

Which Should You Choose?

  • Short trip to one country? A local eSIM is probably your best bet.
  • Traveling across multiple destinations? A global eSIM offers seamless connectivity.
  • On a tight budget? Explore local providers for the most affordable plans.
  • Need lots of data or specific plan features? Worldwide providers likely have more options.